They say your hair is your crowning glory and for most women it’s true.
Our hair symbolises femininity, health and personality, and tells the
world a lot about us. Gorgeous hair is an instant confidence boost, but not
everyone is blessed with flowing locks. I wasn’t, and as I aged and lost
the bit of natural hair I had on top, it had a devastating effect on me.
Self-conscious, ugly, a freak – you name it I’ve been there. It’s an
emotional roller-coaster journey living with hair loss, and frankly, I
wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Enter the very talented hairdresser Hayley
Jennings, who specialises in the problem. For the past 10 years, Hayley
has not only transformed my hair, but my life, too. I’m back to the
extrovert I’ve always been and some people think I now look younger.
For a decade I’ve been wearing various forms of integration or hair-loss
systems, which have been fabulous, but far from perfect. Some have
come loose quickly, others haven’t fitted tight to my head and I’ve never
really been able to wear my hair off my face, because you could see the
joints. Now, however, thanks to new technology, the Italian CRL system
really is the icing on the cake. A cast is made of your head, so it
replicates the contours of your skull, therefore its unique to you and fits
like a glove. There are no joints and once it’s in place it literally does not
move. If the wind blows it off my face who cares, all people see is what
looks like my scalp. The hair is natural, brushes easily and doesn't
knot. My hairbrush is no longer filled with hairs, and everything I do,
from sleeping to swimming, is done with ease and no stress. I can’t
recommend it – and the services of Unlimited Hairloss Solutions – enough.

It’s a small price to pay for freedom and liking myself once again.

What our clients say



It was such a huge relief when I met Hayley from Unlimited Hairloss Solutions and was fitted for my first integrated hairpiece.I had been suffering from the effects of hairloss for many months, which had a massive impact on my day-to-day life. Lack of confidence and a loss of femininity are just the start, but it wears you down and nothing I tried seemed to work. While some more traditional hairpieces or wigs worked for a while, I found they slipped and were high maintenance. I read about the integration hairpieces and wondered if it could be the answer – I was thrilled when it was. From the very start my new hair looked amazing; I felt so much better and my confidence was sky high. It felt strange at first and I had to learn a new aftercare routine, but it now feels like my own hair and it's worth every penny not to have to worry. I get complimented on my new hair so much too, which is great – even my own hair was never  this good before! I have never looked back and am so grateful I met Hayley and her team. I wouldn't be without her – or my new hair.


Hairloss is a real life changer! Not having control over something that so is important to your self-esteem and self confidence is terrifying. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jess and Hayley at Unlimited Hairloss Solutions can give you that sense of control back. There are so many cosmetic options and they get you back to full confidence in no time. That combined with the expert advice from Eva – their in-house tricologist – ensures the team really can fix you! I had new hair within two weeks of losing mine and I was back at work and feeling confident a couple of days after that! And best of all no one has even noticed any difference with my hair (hence me staying anonymous). They really do such a great job; they can give you a totally new hairstyle or replace what you lost in the first place, which is something that I really appreciated as I just wanted to feel and look like me again ... and now I do. Thank you ladies!