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CRL Hair Replacement by Cesare Ragazzi

Unlimited Hairloss Solutions is one of only three clinics in the UK to offer the life-changing CRL hair replacement system. We’ve teamed up with world-renowned hair replacement system providers Cesare Ragazzi, and are delighted to be able to offer the Italian brand’s revolutionary and highly sought-after CRL hair replacement system. CRL is an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically-tested hair replacement treatment and the most efficient non-surgical procedure for resolving full or partial hair loss. Clinically tested, practical and natural-looking, this unique method comprises natural human hairs hand-sewn on to a thin, light, breathable base, created using computer imagery which clones the contours of the skull and acts as a second scalp. Made of a special polymer resin to match the precise distribution, inclination and direction of the wearer’s own natural hair growth, the CRL system produces a perfect match in hair thickness and colour. The CRL system has powerful anti-bacterial properties and provides complete "breathability" for the scalp, while being traction-resistant – regardless of changes of weather or temperature – making it a popular option for restoring both hair and confidence. Users can also live a full and active life including high-impact sports and swimming.


At Unlimited Hairloss Solutions we offer both human hair and acrylic wigs. All our human hair wigs are handmade, crafted from scratch and specifically designed to match the requirements of each individual client, taking into account their natural hair, skin tone, face shape and desired look. Our wig service includes a 90 minute in-depth consultation, during which we take a full template of your head and scalp, before we colour match to your natural hair and length match to provide your ideal length. We then design your bespoke wig, with every element of your new wig being personalised, from the wig’s base to the texture of the hair. Our tailor-made wigs, which are created using materials from Banbury Postiche, the UK’s leading provider of added hair solutions, can take up to four months to arrive. As an alternative, our acrylic wigs can be available a lot sooner and can be personalised and styled once they arrive.  

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories 2014

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories 2014

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Integration System

Unlimited Hairloss Solutions is one of the only clinics in the UK to offer this highly effective hair replacement method. The unique Integration System comprises a handmade lace integration mesh, designed to be a permanent disguise for hairloss and hair thinning. The breathable system allows you to wash both the mesh, and your hair underneath, at the same time, making it a popular option that is both hygienic and comfortable. The system lasts for 1 year with regular maintenance needed every 4 to 6 weeks and a re-alignment required every 6 months.


CR LAB is an effective and unique treatment that helps to encourage healthy hair growth. At Unlimited Hairloss Solutions we are able to offer this revolutionary multi-step treatment to help effectively manage, treat and prevent hairloss, and encourage new hair growth. As one of only a handful of clinics in the UK chosen to offer this sought-after treatment, our specialist team is able to analyse your scalp’s pH levels and level of sebum production, and then prescribe the most appropriate course of treatment to encourage the very best hair growth conditions.

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Havogen 5

Havogen 5 is a patch that is applied to the base of the neck, to provide a controlled and prolonged release of ingredients that fight hairloss and stimulate hair growth. This complex, yet easy to use treatment, is ideal for treating the early stages of hairloss, and is popular due to its effective treatment and its ease of use. The patch, which slowly releases active principles through the skin, is worn for 12 hours a day, and is worn daily for three months. The process can be repeated after a month to enhance the effect of the treatment. The patch is barely visible and is water resistant, making it a discreet, comfortable and wearable option for women fighting the early stages of hairloss, or looking to improve the quality, density and thickness of their hair.

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Banbury Postiche Volumizer

This product is an ideal way to conceal and correct hairloss and hair thinning. Created from premium materials, this handmade system is a lightweight and discreet option, that adds the desired amount of thickness and volume to the client’s existing hair, helping to disguise hairloss and generalised thinning. Created by the UK’s oldest providers of hair additions, this revolutionary method is a popular and proven choice.

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GoFybr is a smart and unique type of fibre, that is applied to balding areas of the scalp to recreate the appearance of hair. Made from Levant Cotton – a fibre that closely resembles human hair – the powder is virtually impossible to detect once applied, making it a smart choice for instant and temporary hair replacement. GoFybr has a breathable structure, so it is comfortable and safe for your hair and scalp, and the effects are long-lasting, without causing irritation. At Unlimited Hairloss Solutions, we offer GoFybr in ten specially blended colours, so you can achieve a perfect, undetectable, natural-looking match to your own hair colour.