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Jessica Patrick_Co-Director_Northern Hai


Founder + Co-Director

Hayley Jennings founded Unlimited Hairloss Solutions in 2017, in response to the ever-growing needs of women experiencing the devastating effects of hairloss. With 22 years’ industry experience and as the owner of House of Creation – a hair salon based in Halifax – Hayley had the grounding needed to create what is now a unique dedicated hairloss solution clinic, providing a wide range of cutting-edge, non-invasive and highly effective hairloss solutions. During her extensive career as a hairstylist, Hayley worked alongside many high-profile names in the hair industry, including Errol Douglas and Guy Kremer, before diversifying into hair education, most notably as an in-house educator for hair extensions manufacturer, Racoon International – a position she passionately filled for twelve years. This role gave Hayley the focused and in-depth understanding of hair extensions, which she now directs into finding solutions for her clients at Unlimited Hairloss Solutions. Hayley's commitment to offering pioneering hairloss solutions is unwavering and she is dedicated to offering the highest standard of care to her clients, ensuring they leave confident and fully armed to face the future.



When Jessica Jay Patrick joined Unlimited Hairloss Solutions in 2017, she already had 11 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry under her belt. Spending more than a decade working in hairdressing installed in Jessica both an in-depth understanding of the industry and an unique insight into her clients’ needs, however it was Jessica’s naturally caring nature and laser focus on client satisfaction that fuelled her ambition to join the Unlimited Hairloss Solutions team. Inspired by her own clients, Jessica felt compelled to find a way to provide bespoke hair restoration solutions to clients suffering the devastating effects of hairloss, after seeing the rewarding benefits of hairloss solutions. Recognising that the work of Unlimited Hairloss Solutions is both life-changing and pioneering, Jessica’s professional focus is on continually growing the offerings of the clinic as the hairloss solutions industry evolves and develops, while her personal motivation remains resolute – to continue putting smiles on her clients’ faces and helping them change how they feel – forever.



Eva Proudman is the in-house trichologist at Unlimited Hairloss Solutions. With more than 17 years’ experience working in the industry, Eva’s knowledge, expertise and skill position her as one of the UK’s most established and popular trichologists. Highly sought after for her ability to diagnose all causes of hair thinning, breakage, hairloss and scalp complaints, Eva is recognised across the UK as the industry’s most-in demand hairloss specialist. Having qualified from the prestigious Institute of Trichologists (awarded the John Firmage award for her consistent dedication to studies), Eva then established her hairloss consultancy UK Hair Consultants, working with thousands of clients across the country, helping to identify and treat all causes of hairloss.  Eva is committed to enhancing the understanding of female hairloss within the industry, and works closely with each client, helping to identify the cause of any hairloss or thinning. Eva offers extensive 45-minute consultations to clients at Unlimited Hairloss Solutions, during which she will explore everything about the history of your hair, your lifestyle and any other influencing factors, and will be able to give a clear and full diagnosis. Eva will then work together with you, and the rest of the Unlimited Hairloss Solutions team, to help find a suitable, effective and bespoke hair replacement method for a whole new you.