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Jessica Patrick (left) and Hayley Jennin

About  Us

Unlimited Hairloss Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of non-surgical hairloss solutions for women and transgender women. Established in July 2017, our talented team boasts a combined experience of more than 50 years and provides women and transgender women suffering from thinning hair and hairloss with affordable and easy access to the world’s most effective non-invasive hairloss solutions.


At Unlimited Hairloss Solutions we understand that surgical hair replacement isn’t a suitable or realistic option for many women or transgender women. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in researching, developing and innovating, so we can offer you the world’s most effective hair replacement alternatives to surgery.


At Unlimited Hairloss Solutions we’ve seen the damage that hairloss and thinning can do to a woman or transgender woman's self esteem. That’s why our caring, experienced and professional team is dedicated to restoring your confidence and helping you regain control, by giving you access to affordable, highly effective hairloss solutions.


At Unlimited Hairloss Solutions we’re committed to providing women and transgender women with only the most effective, flawless and undetectable hair replacement methods. That’s why we’re one of only three clinics in the UK offering the life-changing Italian CRL system by Cesare Ragazzi.


At Unlimited Hairloss Solutions we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to hair replacement: every woman or transgender woman's needs are different. That’s why we offer a wide range of bespoke hair replacement methods, so we can help you find the right treatment for you.


So, whether you’re suffering from thinning hair, partial hairloss or full hairloss, whatever the cause, our small and friendly all-female team can offer you advice, support – and most importantly – a solution that’s designed to suit you. Email us on info@unlimitedhairlosssolutions.co.uk or call us on on 01484 702349 today to arrange your complimentary, discreet, no-obligation consultation –it's  the first step to a whole new you...




Unlimited Hairloss Solutions is one of only three clinics in the UK to team up with world-renowned hair replacement system providers Cesare Ragazzi, to offer the life-changing, non-surgical CRL hair replacement system. The non-invasive, handmade system  removes the need for surgery, with a cast created using computer imagery to clone the contours of the skull and scalp before virgin, unprocessed human hair is handsewn into the prosthetic 'second scalp' for results that allow a full active life, including high-impact sports and swimming. Read  more here.